Weekly update #4

Well, I’m happy to report that my animation is getting better. Whew!

This is especially good news, since I’m animating “The Corn Syrup Cartel” all on my own.

Now, someone who is a little bit let gutsy than I am (Or perhaps a little bit less crazy? Nah…let’s go with gutsy)…may have said, “Hey, let’s hire a professional animator to do this!” But that would have been too easy. (Or, too sane…)

But me? Nope. I just did it myself.

Seriously, though, I’m very happy I decided to try to animate it all myself, though, because believe it or not, I find that doing my own animation actually gives me lots of ideas for new scenes and jokes for this episode, and for future episodes, too.

Of course…. will know at the end of this episode if that was a good idea or not. Lol.

Stay tuned! 🙂

Weekly Update #2

I want to say thank you to all the voice actors who auditioned for my animated comedy web-series, “The Corn Syrup Cartel.”

I also want to give a great, big thank you to the talented and amazing voice actors who have agreed to work with me on my very first animation production.

So, in alphabetical order, here is the list of cast members of “The Corn Syrup Cartel” (episode 1 – “The Addiction”)

  • Anya Barreiro
  • Michael Brooks
  • Chad Burris
  • Sonam Dhalawat
  • Niki Galiano
  • Keith Harvey
  • Sam Kim
  • Janie Kol
  • Maggie Levine
  • Gary Mason
  • Nick Massey
  • Bethany Ray
  • Zane Sexton
  • Lec Zorn

by Niki Galiano at Silly Side Productions http://www.sillysideproductions.com

Casting voice actors for an animated comedy web series

I’m in the process of producing an animated, comedy web series called The Corn Syrup Cartel, which is a light-hearted spoof on Breaking Bad.

I’m currently casting voice actors for Episode 1, called “The Addiction.”

I can’t afford to pay any voice actors at this time, because this is my first animation project, but you will get credit for your work. My plan is to put the web series on YouTube, and also send it into animation film festivals. (Yes, this is very low budget. Lol.)

So, if you’re looking for voice acting experience, or if you know anyone who is, feel free to e-mail me your demo reel (or a link to it) plus your contact information.

My e-mail is sillysideproductions@gmail.com. Thanks!  

The animation will be 2D animation.